Face of Iran - Climbing-Travel-Guide

Modern climbing meets ancient historical monuments! Persia is a stunning country with many rock climbing crags and lots of historical monuments to visit.

Face of Iran – Climbing and Travel Guide

SteinReich Climbing GuideThuringia

Out now!!! The second edition of this wonderful book:

SteinReich - Kletter- und Boulderführer ThüringenSteinReich Climbing Guide Thuringia

Thomas Hocke and Gerald Krug, Halle, 2017/18
ISBN 978-3-00-024732-3
full colored, 416 pages
sales price: 29,90€
+ 6,00 € shipping outside Germany

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First ascent on Orkney Island

Two new routes were added to the Old Head (and Old Skerries), the buttress on the most south easterly tip of Orkney.

Pirmin Bertle beschert Bolivien die erste 9a

Geoquest-Author Pirmin Bertle (Passion Verticale) realized the first 9a of Bolivia in an altitude of almost 4000 meters above sea level. See the video.

Argolis (Greece)

Climbing-Travel-Guide Argolis

Jeannette and Hans Weninger, Halle 2017
german / english
ISBN 978-3-00-056066-8
sales price: 27,00 €
(+ 6,-€ shipping within Europe)

Sanierung am Rothsteiner Felsen

Ein Besuch in der Heimat wurde genutzt, um am einzigen Naturfelsen Preussens, dem Rothsteiner Felsen (Kletterführer Dickes B - Berlin-Brandenburg) Hakenlaschen zu erneuern und Umlenker zu ergänzen.

Adam Ondra visiting our climbing area!

On his way to Leipzig Adam Ondra made a stopover at Löbejün, our local crag and I got the honour to show him around.  

Welcome at our climbing spot Aktienbruch! 
Adam gets the guidebook Kletterführer Rotgelbes Felsenland 
to find the best routes.

Climbing Guide Tanzania

with photos of Lutz Schneider, 
Christiane Hupe and Gerald Krug
here the direct link to the Climbing Guide Tanzania! 

The latest Geoquest-expedition let to Tanzania and turned to a surprise. The idea was not uncommon: escape the european winter and climb somewhere where it is warm and one can relax under palm trees. But this time we had nothing more then two or three photographs and went into the uncertain.

There are many rocks around the village of Puma. But are they climbable?

There are more rocks around the city of Singida.

Climbing Guide Rhine Area (around Cologne): The Best of the West

The first climbing guide of the area around Cologne

Climbing Guidebook Erzgebirge out now!

Here we go:

Content of the book:

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