Climbing Guide Tanzania

with photos of Lutz Schneider, 
Christiane Hupe and Gerald Krug
here the direct link to the Climbing Guide Tanzania! 

The latest Geoquest-expedition let to Tanzania and turned to a surprise. The idea was not uncommon: escape the european winter and climb somewhere where it is warm and one can relax under palm trees. But this time we had nothing more then two or three photographs and went into the uncertain.

There are many rocks around the village of Puma. But are they climbable?

There are more rocks around the city of Singida.

Climbing Guide Rhine Area (around Cologne): The Best of the West

The first climbing guide of the area around Cologne

Climbing Guidebook Erzgebirge out now!

Here we go:

Content of the book:

Betamonkeys Bouldercomic - the evolution of falling

From "Gods own climbing country" reached us the first comic book just around new year. Opening the book one thing is clear from the beginning: this is british humor as it supposed to be: dry as the desert, enigmatic as a financial consultant and black as a cat by night.

Geoquest-Slide Show - Iran

As expected by many the slide show about Iran will take place on February, the 26th at 7.30 pm. We hope to see you there!

Happy New Year!!!

The Geoquest-team wishs all climbers and readers of our books a Happy New Year 2016!!!

Bornholm grows!

Of course Bornholm is not rising up in terms of height, even if some climbers would wish that to do multipitch routes.

At Vang on the west coast (Arne Ohlsen in Roede Kartofler skand. 6, = UIAA 7)

New guide

The new Lower Tosson Guide (edition 2015) is online, see here:

Geoquest Inside

See the short movie about Geoquest edition based in Halle (Germany) and how it is to live among tons of books :-) Klick on the picture to start:

See also the other two short flicks about Geoquest:

Rotgelbes Felsenland - the making of

Geoquest in 91 Seconds

Dänische Delikatessen

Auf der schönen Kletterinsel Bornholm tut sich so einiges. Vor allem die Freunde des seilfreien Kletterns haben in den letzten Jahren so einige Delikatessen aus dem Hut gezaubert. Hier ein Update zum Bornholm Kletterführer.

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