Neue Aufkleber!

Du willst klarmachen, was Dich antreibt? Du willst ein Zeichen setzen gegen Apathie, Stubenhocken und Kunstlicht? Dann kommen die neuen Geoquest-Sticker genau richtig.

Neuer Katalog

Jetzt gibt es den neuen Geoquest-Katalog, der alle Bücher des Verlags vorstellt.

Darin enthalten ist auch eine Kurzgeschichte über die Frage, ob der Beruf "Kletterführerautor" nun der schönste der Welt sei oder eher ein Knochenjob.

Kletterthalia - House of climbing in Halle

The Geoquest-publishing house is in the heart of Halle. It is part of the "Kletterthalia" which concentrates different facilities of climbing in one house (see below). The building itself has been a theatre for children and young people until 2005. Then the house was empty for 6 years. From 2011 through 2013 we made the reconstruction of it.

Unclipping quickdraw

See the movie to find out how a quickdraw is unclipping itself (Wolfgang Wisniewski)  click here :

flick: Wolfgang Wisniewski, Jena

Bouldering in Switzerland - highly recommended!

Planning a summer trip? Bouldering in the heart of Switzerland is highly recommended!

To know whats going on get informed with the new movie of Kurt Hötzel (alias von Wantoch).

See the full movie here and HEB DE SIECH!

New climbing routes in the heart of Halle

The first part of the new climbing spot in Halle is ready to be climbed:

Björn Olausson in Dadu VIIIc.
We have made 9 routes with a lot of effort since the rock is fragile in some parts. So please wear a helmet , especially as a belayer.

The routes are finally harder than expected since many holds came off leaving a blank face with small crimps. The climbs are nonetheless interesting problems and fun to try.

Bouldering in Switzerland

The summer comes. This is the perfect time to go up in the Alps for bouldering. "Heb de siech" is a bouldering flick that shows you whats up - up there!

Download here!


See Geoquest publishing house ina short flick of 91 seconds:

Here it is !

New climbing tower in Sangerhausen

A new climbing structure has opened: The Mammutfelsen of Sangerhausen!

The tower has a height of  18 meters.

Many climbers and local people came to the opening.

The rock is full of opportunities for easy and midgrade climbers..

New world class problem!

Thomas Hocke has made the first ascent of Dave Graham Fb 8b at Hülloch. Read more about it (in German) at:

Foto:  Markus Ixmeier

This and other problems are also to be found at BlocReich - Boulderführer Thüringen.

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