Geoquest-Expedition Albania 2013

Geoquest-Expedition Albania 2013

Text: Gerald Krug, Translation: Simon Litchfield
Photos: Simon Litchfield, Ronald Reichelt (Kletterschule Pirna), Gerhard Duro, Chris Hupe and G. Krug (Geoquest)
The Geoquest-Team has resumed its involvement in the Balcans this year. Once again an international team was at the starting line.
The project was an ascent of the 2486m Papingut Mountain in the south of Albania, as well as a quest to find new sport climbing possibilities.

Geoquest-activities in Albania and Montenegro 2008-13

Hampi in danger

Since quite a time we are working on the climbing guidebook of Hampi. We met so many kind and hospitable people there and really felt home. But now the paradise is endangered.

Hampi people in front of Virupaksha Temple

Vision "Kletterthalia" becomes reality

The vision of the "Kletterthalia" project becomes reality! The first steps are done to create a modern climbers meeting point in the center of the ancient town of Halle.

New routes in the heights of northern England

Gazing across this sceptred isle it is easy to be inspired by the fantastic and varied climbing that can be found. Climbing guides document every route, eliminate, boulder problem and highball on offer, often in incredible detail with colour topos. Sadly one can also get the impression that every last centimetre of this land has already been climbed. Fortunately, this is not quite true, as a spectacular discovery shows.  

Sicily Rock - Climbing Guidebook San Vito Lo Capo





Sicilia - sport climbing

San Vito lo Capo • Castelluzzo • Custonaci

Monte Monaco • Pizzo Monaco • Cattedrale nel Deserto • Scogliera di Salinella • Macari - Torre Radio Nord • Crown of Aragon • Cinema Paradiso • Castelluzzo / Scurati


In the last months the area San Vito lo Capo in the north-west of Sicily acquired a reputation to be one of the best European climbing destinations for the cooler season. Many routes can be reached on foot from the camping and Monte Monaco even offers some multi-pitch climbs up to a length of 400 m.

Karsten Oelze / Harald Röker  Gebroverlag 2011
englisch, deutsch, italiano
160 Pages
ISBN 978-3-938680-15-5
full colour

Price: 24,80 € plus 2 € Versand, Order here by typing "Sicily" in to the message form!


New climbing gym in Chemnitz

There is a new climbing gym in Chemnitz, hight is about 14 metres. More informations here! For bouldering the best place to go in that town still is the Boulderlounge.

Rocklands South Africa

Today  27-30°C, slightly windy, 13 hours of sun!

If you didnt have this for a long time check this out:

The Bouldering Guidebook of the Rocklands of Scott Noy has arrived in middle Europe!


Projekt Boulderfelsen geht voran!

Die Finanzierung des Boulderpilzes nimmt Formen an! Der aktuelle Kontostand beträgt: 16700,-€!



Eigentlich war es ja geheim, und eigentlich sollten auch nur wenige geladene Gäste von "Außerhalb" kommen. Das sich dann fast 60 Freunde des Vertikalen Sports im DoJo trafen war überwältigend. Obwohl vertikal vielleicht nicht der richtige Audruck ist, denn vor allem durch die Überhänge und Dächer zogen sich diverse Probleme.

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