Dickes B – Climbing Guidebook Berlin - Brandenburg

Dickes B - Kletterführer Berlin – Brandenburg

Dickes B – Climbing Guidebook Berlin - Brandenburg

Gerald Krug, Halle 2013
ISBN 978-3-00-016977-9
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This unique guidebook describes all possible and impossible climbing opportunities of the german capital and around. And there is unbebelievable much of it: Climbing on bunkers, bridges, ruins, climbing towers and erratic blocs. Within 200 pages you have all the detailed topos and many stories about these locations. Many comics and pictures fill the time between the climbs. The large amount of maps let you stroll through the town without a special city map. The surrounder guides you from the climbing tower direct into the night club.
Have fun with “climbing and clubbing”!"Dickes B" - Climbing Guidebook Berlin - Brandenburg.

Dickes B – Kletterführer Berlin - Brandenburg