Sahara 2005/2006

Participants of the expedition:

  • Peter Dittert
  • Christiane Hupe
  • Gerald Krug
  • Frank Schorisch

In old books I saw fantastic rock formations made of sandstone. The name of this mountains was “Tassil ‘N Adjer and it is situated in Algeria at the border to Lybia. Even though I searched days in the net I couldn't find any information about climbing there. That just ment we had to go there by our own, to find out if climbing would be possible.
It was the most impressive trip of my life. Unexpected wide landscapes, million of unlimbed peaks. I couldn't believe, that there ever could be a place like that!
We made some routes, some summits, some boulders. But most of the time we were just walking around and stunning. It was uncredible. So the decision came fast: next year we come back!

Dach über der Wüste.
Roof over the desert über der Wüste 6b+

Erstebegehung von unten 6b+.
First ascent from the ground up 6a+

Harvest of dats


Sportklettern am Granitdom 7a+.
Sport climbing in the granit 7a+

Zum Tee bei den Tuareg.
Tee with the Tuareg


The rock arch

Erstbegehung über Dünen.
First ascent of a 50-meter-route

The endurance problem (traverse)


Panorama im Hoggar-Gebirge.
The Hoggar-mountain's panorama.

Frank Schorisch's avard winning movie about the expedition you'll find under books and media.
Land der Sonne, Land der Felsen.

Following informations about climbing in Algeria you can also find as downloadable attachments at the end of this post.

Karte Algerien
Climbing areas in Algeria

Karte Tissalatine
The scetch map of Tissalatine (Part of Hoggar Mountains)

Topo Tissalatine
The topo of Tissalatine

You will find the actual climbing guidebook under books and media (currently sold out)

Karte Djanet
Scetch map of Djanet

Karte Tchikoboin
Scetch map of Tchikoboin

Djanet Canyon
Scetch map of the Tililene canyon

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