SteinReich Climbing GuideThuringia

Out now!!! The second edition of this wonderful book:

SteinReich - Kletter- und Boulderführer ThüringenSteinReich Climbing Guide Thuringia

Thomas Hocke and Gerald Krug, Halle, 2017/18
ISBN 978-3-00-024732-3
full colored, 416 pages
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 Thuringia has it all: family friendly areas such as Lauchagrund or Ratssteinbruch (Ilmenau) as well as areas for sport climbers and traditionalists at the same time like Kanzlersgrund near Oberhof and finally hardcore destinations like the famous Hülloch with extraordinary roof climbing and first class boulders. No matter if you like granit, porphyry, limestone, shist or sandstone – in Thuringia you'll find them all.  As an extraordinary special an ice climbing guide is included and shows you the best places. SteinReich is a guidebook of a new generation full with color pictures, maps and drawings providing all informations needed! the basic texts are translated in english (thank you, Simon Litchfield!) and with the signs and pictograms it is easy to find your way to the rocks even if you dont speak any german.

SteinReich - Kletter- und Boulderführer Thüringen
Table of content

The second edition of this book contains a lot of new rocks and routes.

One finds routes of all levels. Most of them are pure sport climbing.

Detailed foto topos show every single bolt and make it easy to find the routes.

Overview and detail maps make navigation easy.

Useful: There is a  QR-Code with the GPS-data for each parking lot of a climbing area. This can be scanned with a mobile and copied into a navigation app (for instance Google Maps). In this way it is possible to find the crags without writing letters.
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