Authors at Geoquest

... are the heart and soul of Geoquest. Only because of their good knowledge of the area, their expertise and their pleasure to share this, it is possible to work out professional and visually attractive books. We are always looking forward to new authors and ideas for good books.

Tino Kluge

Tino was born in 1977. He works as a chimney sweeper. The former wrestler started climbing in 1999 and seeks for maximum power problems. His favourite is bouldering  and together with Benjamin Gerono (see next on the list) he not only runs the Website but also created the bouldering guidebook of central germany named Aufschwung Ost.

Benjamin Gerono

Benjamin was born in 1988. He works as a doctor and freelancing author. He started climbing quite late in the age of 22 but has made fast progress within these years. Since he played voleyball int he past he loves jumps and all dynamic moves. He's got two sons and can manage to combine working and climbing like no other.



Fritz Blach

Fritz Blach was born in 1958. He started climbing in 1981 in the Dolomites after he was ‘infected with the climbing virus’ during a school trip in the South Tyrol in 1975.
The quarries of the Biggetal became one of his favourite climbing spot. They were perfect to combine his training with his job and his other various interests (like winter expeditions to the Arctic).
Early he noticed the good ability of the quarries for sport climbing.

Since the 1980’s a plenty of the traditional climbing areas were closed so that Fritz’ spots in the Sauerland become more and more important. For a long time he is involved in finding and reopening climbing areas like ‘Hohen Ley’ in Finnentrop. Part of his work was it to cooperate with the local federal state government and nature conservation in 2007 to make new quarries accessible. With the help of volunteers, who supported him in drilling, he developed more than 200 new routes. Since 2003 Fritz is contributor for climbing and conservation in the DAV (German alpine club) Nord-Rhein-Westfalen and represents this region on the federal level. In addition to the sporting challenge he like travelling and discovering distant countries and cultures.

Steffen Kern

Steffen KernSteffen Kern was born 1970 at the base of the climbing area of Ostalb and raised in  Bopfingen at the Ipf-hill. With the latter in reach (the most beautiful mountain of Germany) unavoidable a special alpine career had to start. Each year he had to go to the dolomites with his parents and started scrambeling there.

Even though tennis was his first passion.
Just as late as 1991 he changed the racket against the chalkbag. Rosenstein and Eselsburger Tal were the first destinations, 12 years of alpine climbing followed.  200 alpine climbing routes between Gesäuse and Dauphiné fiilled his tourbook . A three-day-trip to Magic Wood changed his life. From then the mountains were swaped for blocks and fontainebleau was more common then the Dolomites. Since then he toures from block to block all across Europe: Gotthard-, Susten- and Grimselpass, Chironico, Petrohrad, Albarracin and Tinos.
If he is not strolling around he writes Articles about climbing in the german „klettern“ - magazin. After his Magister-examen in philosophy and literature in Tübingen in 2000 he started a academic career but soon after bouldering became more important. So now there is the eternal mixture between thinking and climbing.

More about Steffen:

Peter Brunnert

Thomas HockePeter was born in Hildesheim, which is situated in a real flat area of Germany only with the Harz mountains to its south. With luck he survived the early stage of his climbing career. Quite a lot of this experiences are described in his novels "Wir müssen da hoch" and "Wirklich oben bist Du nie".   If you dont speak any German learn it! These books are worth the effort and meet british humor as its best.

His first contact to the legendary Elbsandstein-area was at the age of 17 and he instantly fell in love with this unique landscape. To share his experiences with us and to document a lot of stories that are both - strange and unbelievable, he wrote the book "Die spinnen, die Sachsen!" here in the Geoquest-Edition.

In his "real" life Peter works for an insurance company so he needs climbing to make life complete. .

Thomas Hocke

Thomas HockeThomas Hocke, born in 1981, began climbing in the age of 9. His parents went with him at all kinds of crags so he couldnt specialize. That's why he feels confortable at both - climbing and bouldering either. In 2002 he could manage to make a first ascent of a 215 meter  route in Norway which went out to be graded 8.  Even though he prefers sport climbing. Due to his study he shift to the Frankenjura, where he climbed a couple of hard routes, like Space Invador (10+/11-). In Thuringia the locals call him the walking guidebook. Many first ascents have been made by him, such as. „Celtic Frost“ 7+ (Koppenstein 1996), „Overkill“ 9+ (Heinrichsbacher Stein 2003), „Judas Priest“ 10- (Judas 2005) and finally „Atheist“ 8a Fb trav. (Judas 2008).
Thomas is always looking for new areas to make climbing in Thuringia more attractive. The new guidebook is an oportunity to present some new areas to the climbing comunitiy. Examples are Sportplatzfelsen and Sonniger Hermann. Some amazing routes at the 12 Apostel and Hülloch are also his work.

Dirk Uhlig

Dirk UhligDirk Uhlig, born in 1978, was walking and running until he was 20. (Un)fortunately he met Johannes Vogt who was looking for a climbing partner. The adventerous route Hangelwest at the highest rock in Thuringia, the Falkenstein, was his first route. the rain began in the 3rd pitch. Johannes was not visible anymore and Dirk had no idea how to trust the equipment. But there was no choice and since this time climbing is his life. He travelled throughout Europe, North Amerika and Asia always looking for rocks. Currently he studies Physical education as a teacher in Erfurt and goes out at the cliffs of Thuringia whenever possible. Almost 100 first ascents up to the 10th grade are on his list today and he climbed a total of g 85 % of all routes of Thuringia, the so called green heart of Germany. He likes all kinds of this sport from the on move boulder up to the 18-pitch routes in the alps. Since 2004 he is responsible for climbing and protection of the environment and worked for the rebolting of the old routes. 600 bolts were changed by him so far. The publication of the book SteinReich should bring the beauty of Thuringia to all climbers who are looking for nice routes and a still natural landscape in the gree heart of Germany.

Alex Schmalz Friedberger

Alex Schmalz FriedbergerAlex Schmalz-Friedberger, born in 1964, has grown up in Friedberg/Hessen and live in Koblenz since 1993. He knows the basalt climbs of the eifel like nobody else.

He is climbing since 1980 and nows climbing areas around the globe. He has experienced all highs and dephts that this very special sport has to offer to those, who are addicted.
He works as a freelancing geologist and so he is always at the rocks. Mayen,the climbing areas of southern France, Italy or Spain, the Wendenstöcke, the Rätikon, the Granit in Switzerland, the big walls of Yosemite Valley and Zion Canyon – all kind of sport is on his list and free climbing bigwalls is among the highest priorities.
His room is filled with guidebooks from all over the world. so it is no wonder that he started by himself to publish guidebooks: 1990, together with Jürgen Krause about the sandstone areas of the Odenwald and since 1995 about the basalt climbs around Mayen.

Frank Schorisch

Alex Schmalz FriedbergerFrank Schorisch was born 1974 in Salzwedel and began his work with the camera in 2004.

He finished his education in Physical Education Therapies. Currently he works in rope access constructions.

In his spear time he graps his camera and with a lot of effort and the same amount of friends he realizes short movies like "Kletterfrank" which you can enjoy (also without german knowledge) here at you tube: !


Christiane Hupe


Christiane Hupe is born in 1981. Now she lives in Halle and work as a teacher and climbing coach. She discovered her enthusiasm for the movement in the vertical on the monkey bars at the kindergarten, so that no tree or wall was safe.
Later she discovered big and small walls with her rope and chocks. On expeditions to Kirghizia, Algeria and Albania she achieved first ascents.

The great rocks and the beautiful landscape of the biggest Canary Island Tenerife and the fact that she doesn’t want to carry two books any more, were her inspiration for a combined climbing-travel-guide. She also designed the weekly calendar, big parts of the Romania-guide and she coordinated the projects Climbing Guidebook Bornholm and the ‘Passion Vertical’. Her last book was the Guidebook Hampi (India, togehter with Gerald)

Gerald Krug


Gerald Krug was born in Zwickau (Saxony) in 1971 and raised in Herzberg/Elster (Brandenburg). At the age of 15 he started sport climbing in central Germany and the ‘Sächsischen Schweiz’. Since he started climbing the sport and everything which has to do with it is his big passion. His academic geography studies lead him to Halle in 1991, where he founded the Geoquest publishing company after his exam. There he published a climbing guide for the central part of Germany which is followed by more publications. Always on the hunt for awesome routes he discovered new rocks and achieved first ascents till grade Xc. In the last time he was spending more time in bouldering, only to advance his ‘other’ climbing skills. :-)

He is a chairman in the climbing club IG Klettern Halle-Löbejün and works as a volunteer in the DAV, the German alpine club, for the sector of nature conservation.


  • 1993 first guidebook Rumänien (handmade)
  • 1995 first guidebook Halle-Löbejün (handemade)
  • 2003 first guidebook Mitteldeutschland (from now printed)
  • 2004 Kinderkopf und Affenfaust
  • 2005 Dickes B
  • 2006 Hexen und Exen
  • 2007 Dimension Vertical Guidebook Rumania (in three languages)
  • 2009 Die 4. Dimension
  • 2011 Guidebook and travelguide (in one) Teneriffa together with Christiane Hupe
  • 2013/14 Golden Boulders - Bouldering and Climbing Guidebook Hampi together with Chris
  • 2016 Glück Auf! Climbing Guide Erzgebirge together with Ingo Röger and Sebastian Flemmig