Topo Guidebook Elbsandstein - Bielatal

Topoführer Bielatal

Topo Guidebook Bielatal

The definitve guide for the most visited climbing area in the Elbsandstein - and the only one with topos!

Jürgen Schmeißer, Elbsandstein Part 3
DIN A6, 640 pages, 87 topos, 220 sketch maps, coluored maps, climbing pictures, best-of-list, top-list,   In german -  you can find everything without speaking german thanks to the maps and drawings. To understand the route details you should lern some german climbing phrases (usefull in the area anyway).
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Bielatal is the best area if you come for the first time to the Elbsandstein. The smaller size of the towers (usually up to 25 meters) and the reasonable amount of rings as well as the user friendly horizontal structure of the rock make it easier to get used to the style of climbing. Even though as the other german areas it is still adventure climbing and requires the techniques of using knotted slings (see educational book for this) one can find well protected routes on solid rock. Come, see and enjoy!