Land der Sonne, Land der Felsen – DVD


Land der Sonne, Land der Felsen – DVD

Frank Schorisch, 2007
1st place at the Festival of Mountain Movies Böhlitz 2007
DVD 40 min
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It is in german but if you see the pictures you will understand it without words.



Climbing in the desert of Sahara

The movie takes us to a surrealisitc landscape of the Tassili N’Adjer in the algerian desert. The rough and wild rocks of granit and sandstone let us think of starting right now to explore the remote and untouched desert . And this movie does more to us : it takes us out to the world of Tuareg, with their unique culture, the hidden oasis and the misterious rock paintings, which report the ancient times full of plants and animals in this area .

Land der Sonne, Land der Felsen