New Climbing guidebook Romania

Out now: new climbing guidebook Romania!

When we started in 2006 with the first printed version of the romania guidebook it was just for our love to the country. We put so much work in it that we knew: the sale of the book would never repay our effort . But here in our home not everything is about money. romania as one of the furthest developed climbing destination of the balcan deserves a good guidebook . So the guide turned out to be a real treasure and we got a lot of enthusiastic feedback. Of course we couldnt avoid to make mistakes and so we got also feedback about these. But we were overhelmed last year when we realised that the guidebook would be sold out soon. So the next edition was to do. Once again we had to check, call, e-mail, draw and write. Such an unbelievable amount of new routes emerged that the book is really a new one:

Dimension Vertical

2nd edition 2010

full colour, many new areas

440 pages

Price: 29,00 €

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