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The Bouldering Guidebook of the Rocklands of Scott Noy has arrived in middle Europe!


Scott Noy takes us on a journey of the probably most colourful boulder area of the world. The hills are spcatterd with yellow, orange, brown and black rocks which are dotted with white marks . Climbers from all over the world enjoy the blue sky in this wounderful area of south Afrika. He describes 1200 problems in his throughgoing coloured book. Detailed maps and GPS-data make it possible to find even the hidden spots. Loads of pictures show the who is who of the international climbing scene: Klem Loskot, Kilian Fischhuber, Peter Würth, Bernd Zangerl, Christian Core, Lisa Rands and many others. Some of them did not only climb the hardest problems but also created own "King Lines". And the potential still is huge ...

The details:

Rocklands Bouldering

Scott Noy  2010

Size: 21 x 14.5 cm landscape format
english, fb-grades
289 pages, overview and detailed maps, boulders shown from above as well as with foto topo, more then 1200 problems, loads of fotos, insider knowledge, full colour
ISBN 978-0-620-47879-3

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Review Rocklands Bouldering

One thing ahead: Anyone who takes this book in the hand wants to go immediately. Away from winter gray Central Europe and on to sunny, warm South Africa. But slowly! Because when we open the nearly 300-page boulder guide, we find out under “Weather” that the main boulder season is between May and September, when it’s winter on the other hemisphere's and so therefore "Killer Grip" prevails. And then we are already at a critical point: I already find it difficult to rethink the Southern Hemisphere, a climate chart with annual temperature and Rainfall distribution I would hope for at this point. Fortunately, there is the Internet, you will find it under there:
Of course I haven’t bought the book because of the introductory part of the text and flip only once swiftly on to the topos. Before that, I still stumble over to the maps, where’s nothing to complain about, high-to-detail, three maps slow zoom into the area, and as a bonus, there is still a small map of Clanwilliam, the nearest town with supermarket, post office, restaurants, etc.
Now it is concretely: to look over the giant rock fields of Rockland somewhat, each sub-region has three zoom levels:
•   Overview map of the subregion
•   Map of the sector
•   Boulder plan views

First page


For the most important lines, there are additional photo topos. In between, super cool: first-class boulder photos that no one without perspiration can continue to browse. Anyway, the photos: Of course, if an area has so beautiful colored rocks, sunshine and high-end visitors, it’s certainly not difficult to bring in beautiful climbing pictures. Still lovingly close-ups show that in choosing not only climbing motivation but also love of nature and much fun with the guys and gals out on the rocks has led ruling.

As for the descriptions of boulder itself, is number two criticism due: Each boulder has a descriptive text from one to three lines and that's it. What I would also wish for? A star rating for the quality of the problems, a few pictograms for the most common specification, e.g. sit starts and sometimes a little insider comment.

Example page


After all: sit starts are listed verbally, and probably most of the lines (at least if you believe the photos) are so beautiful that you must choose not so fussy. And as insider tips there is a short list of "classic problems" on top of each subregion. So a tick list for the collector of the finest lines. Paper and print quality seem appealing at first glance, but I would not let the book lie in the rain. Modern DIN A5 landscape format and a color coding system round off the whole.

Conclusion: A great boulder guide with a few small weaknesses and lots of strengths, on which many boulders have been waiting for years wringing their hands and who will be a faithful companion through the endless rock labyrinths of the Rocklands.

Example page


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•    Kilian Fischhuber in the Rocklands
•    You can take a look at the great boulder on Youtube!

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