Climbing guidebook Elbe Canyon (Labske Udoli) Czech Republik

The best area of the Elbsandstein is in the Czech Republik and has a guide in German!

 Die 4. Dimension - Kletter- und  Boulderlehrbuch

Climbing guidebook Elbtal

Albrecht Kittler, Dresden, 2009

14,5 x 21 cm, bw, 288 pages
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377 rock faces
2400 routes


This is a classic guide covering both sides of river elbe in the Czech republik. there are verbal descriptions of every route and maps covering the whole area.  Some topos are essential for orientation.

IMost people know that this area has the most solid rock of all elbsandstein.

 VIIIb, french 6b

Different then on the german side on some of the newer and harder routes chalk is legal.

Even though the routes are well protected compared to other areas nearby you can not expect as many bolts like in spain. One should still be able to handle with slings

Die erste Runzel, IXc, french 7b

The beautiful landscape ond the czech beer are only two reasons to come.

Dirk Uhlig climbs a VIIIc (french 6c).