Topo Guide Elbsandstein: area Rathen and Wehlen

Topoführer Rathen und Wehlen

Topo guide Elbsandstein

Area Rathen and Wehlen

Jürgen Schmeißer, Volume 1
DIN A6, 608 pages, 125 topos, 166 Access sketches, new edition 2012
Price:  25 €

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Volume I topo guide Saxon Switzerland all around Rathen and Wehlen.
This area is one of the six main areas of the Elbsandstein and offers best climbing on the most remarkeable and picturesque towers. The approach is short and the routes high structured. A "must have" for the addicted sandstone climber!

  • Drawn topo maps
  • Star rating of all the routes in 4 steps
  • Pictograms with informations about the type of a route
  • List of very nice nice routes + statistics for "rainy days"