L.E. Monkeys - a blocbuster movie by Uwe Schneider

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The big city monkeys are going. And we can meet them anywhere: in the park, at the bridge, at the monument, and even at the high-rise!


If you thought climbing is only on rocks or in the hall, you can experience the opposite in this film. The city is a mountain, every house is a summit and every monument is a boulder block.

But climbing in the city is not only a trendy leisure. It’s an expression of changed, led from an ecological point, sports exercise. because the climbing goals are "carbon neutral" accessible by bicycle. it goes with the mat on his back past the traffic jam and a lot of amazed people. If you have not much time, you can reach the "rock" ultra-fast and drop by on the way back at the party even with magnesia white fingers.

The short film don’t just want to show you what the L.E. Monkeys can. He should encourage to find unusual climbing destinations and experience urban spaces completely new in the own environment.



17 min, blocbuster-movie

Uwe Schneider, Leipzig, 2009

This film is a non-commercial project by climbers for climbers and is therefore offered for material cost price of 5 € plus shipping.


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