They're crazy, the Saxons!

From those who use those weird knotted slings and hopefully survive

by cult author Peter Brunnert

"Die spinnen, die Sachsen!"
by Peter Brunnert (german language)

20 unusual climbing stories from the sandstone country.
Geoquest-publishing company Halle, 2010, ISBN 978-3-00-030606-8,DIN – A 5 Landscape format,

Price: 22,00 €
290 pages, hardcover, throughout coloured, many photos , detailed area informations about the Elbsandstone, wonderful comics, sandstone glossary: A must have for every sandstone fan!

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Finally a climbing book that even non-climbers can read with great pleasure. So a wonderful present that comes across as a hardcover optically very good …

We’re proud to present you our newest book. It is a very special volume, a mixture of exciting climbing stories and informations on everything what makes the sandstone climbing so special. We have not been stingy with beautiful climbing- and detail photos and the overview maps allow any time a good orientation. Axel Bierwolf made some  wonderful comics, in which a single stroke of the pen can express a whole range of emotions.

Pull off someone? What’s that?

A special book like this must therefore occur naturally as a hardcover volume, which was printed entirely in colour on quality paper.

The title of the book may seem a bit provocativ, but it represents only one of the most common reactions from non-residents who climb the first time in Saxon sandstone: A mixture of astonishment and admiration for the very special climbing culture of this region apart from consumption culture and mainstream.

We wish you as much fun reading as we had at writing, photography and drawing.


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Our kids at the climbing week in the Elbsandstein are so enthused of Peter Brunnerts narration, that they can't put the book down even at the campfire.