Hampi in danger

Since quite a time we are working on the climbing guidebook of Hampi. We met so many kind and hospitable people there and really felt home. But now the paradise is endangered.

Hampi people in front of Virupaksha Temple

Since 2011 the government tries to kick local people out of Hampi. Why? It is hard to find the real reasons in a corrupt system as it can be about power, money, real estates and much more. The official version is that the UNESCO asks for it to have better view on the temples. This seems unbelievable ...

What ist the story behind it? Along Hampi Bazaar one of the main axes of old Hampi a lot of people have started business, to feed their families. They sell fruits, sun glasses, rent cycles and many other things. The authorities dont like that their houses are close to some of the old temple buildings. But on the other hand Hampi was always a living village and never a dead museum only. The always used Virupaksha Temple is an obvious sign for it and the center of this vibrant village. The ferry boat to the island is close and thousends of tourists are coming each year to see the old temples and the living people here. The latter should be kicked out now according to the plan of the local administration. Everybody loving Hampi should do something against this stupid plan. Write to your national UNESCO branch, get in contact with the press to let the world know whats going on.

The Guest Houses of Hampi provide good accomodation for tourists and an income for local people.

Many families came here when a hughe dam was builded some kilometres stream up. The got no money for their lost homes and are threatened with the same fate a second time now! Can this be intended by the UNESCO?
At the same time there are still more then 200 temples still partly destroyed ore digged in the earth which should be saved or excavated. A better task for bulldozers and workers instead of destroying the houses of families.

Many temples are still covered with earth or partly or fully destroyed

Here once were the houses of Hampi residents. During the destroying with bulldozers part of the ancient buildings where attached as well.

This link leads to a flick showing the situation in Hampi.

At the 27. february 2013 bulldozers destroyed houses for the third time. People there want just a single thing: live and work in peace!