Kletterthalia Opening!

Dear Friends,
We have done it! Saxon-Anhalts’ first bouldering gym – ‘Kletterthalia’ – has opened its doors at Number 3, Thaliapassage. 

We just had our open house last Saturday (Oct. 19), where the Gym foreman, Robert Fielder, was there to answer questions.
Email: kletterthalia@ig-klettern-halle.de

A ‘House for Climbing’
The Bouldering Gym is held by the IG Klettern/Loebejuen Association.  The group I G Klettern, as well as providing a bouldering venue, plans as well to place emphasis on developing younger and developing climbers as well as a forum for environmental protection activities.  IG Klettern along with the publishing house Kletterverlag Geoquest are housed in the old Thalia Theater.  In our vision, we see not only the growth of a climbing venue, but also a center for workshops as well as a locale for practice and training activities, a meet-up spot for the ‘Scene’ welcoming folks of all different shapes and colors.  That we have found for such a building long empty but emphatically rooted in our local cultural traditions is a circumstance particularly pleasing.  The vaults of the Thalia Theater are thus once again there to offer public events.  We hope to fill in regularly with audiences for our ‘Geoquest Culture’ series of interesting climbing and travel lectures, slide-shows, movies and multi-media activities.  

As we moved it, the place was empty.

The Wall Framework was a complex affair.

Covering the walls.

Laying the mats.

After two years of planning and building, the bouldering gym is finished.

Benjamin Gerono
is responsible for public affairs and publicity for IG Klettern Halle-Loebejuen e.V
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