Climbing Guidebook Hampi

Hampi guidebook for the new climbing season!

This guidebook contains all the known boulders and rope climbs. It is in English and German alike.

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Golden Boulders

Die 4. Dimension - Kletter- und Boulderlehrbuch

Guidebook Hampi

Gerald Krug, Christiane Hupe
Halle, 2013/14
ISBN 978-3-00-041342-1
352 pages
1. Edition English/German
Price: 29,90 € + Shipping
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Hampi is so beautiful! Endless boulder fields stretch as far as one can see. The friendly people, warm climate, green palm trees, funny monkeys, the blue water of the Tungabhadra river and the ancient temples are making this destination so desired.

Detailed maps and GPS data are making navigation easy.

Topos and Fb grades for each boulder.

Comics of Enrico Dudek

Beautiful climbing pictures.

If you are going on a trip and want to know about things beyound climbing
the book offers a lot of aditionally informations:

  • Hints for the journey
  • Hampi knowledge
  • The temples
  • How to behave as a foreigner?
  • History of climbing
  • Rice cultivation
  • Geology
  • Indian cuisinee
  • The caste system
  • The hindu gods
  • The monkeys
  • dictionary
  • health

Order your plain ticket, leave the cold and lets go south!

A 3,5 minutes boulder flip as an fast overview is here.

Trailer of Chris-Sharma-Video Pilgrimage see here.

Example: Famous boulder problem Goan Corner see here.

Travel report: see here.

General and special boulder informations of Hampi see here.

Sandeep climbing Flying Time 7c (flick by Gerald Klösch)

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