Northumberland Miniguides (free download)

Northumberland  is rich in climbing history and still has virgin rock to be discovered. Go down this page to download the Miniguides for new climbing experiences.

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Read more about new routes at bizzle and the climbing history of the Cheviot by clicking here or by downloading corresponding attachements below.

One in Vermillion, Sandy Crag.

Lower_Tosson_Guidebook.pdf2.56 MB
Aid Crag Miniguide.pdf2.25 MB
Upper Tosson Miniguide.pdf1.1 MB
Outlying Wannies Miniguide.pdf4.38 MB
Bizzle Guide FINAL.pdf3.05 MB
A_History_of_Climbing_on_The_Cheviot.pdf170.2 KB
Foxholes Miniguide.pdf3.35 MB
Sandy Crag (Key Heugh) Update 2017.pdf2.73 MB
Tomb of the Eagles - Old Head.pdf388.23 KB