Kletterthalia - House of climbing in Halle

The Geoquest-publishing house is in the heart of Halle. It is part of the "Kletterthalia" which concentrates different facilities of climbing in one house (see below). The building itself has been a theatre for children and young people until 2005. Then the house was empty for 6 years. From 2011 through 2013 we made the reconstruction of it.

The Kletterthalia in autumn.

In the vault of the building was a music cafe. Many famous musicians played here, like Udo Lindenberg. Every monday was live music.

The time of reconstruction from 2011 through 2013 was a very stressful time, we had to do two jobs: the books and renovating. Pictures can bee seen:
1. here
2. here and
3. here.

Building the boulder gym in the former theatre.

Thalia is the name of a muse, was the name of the theatre and it is also the name of the boulder gym now. To fill the name we frequently have cultural events under the name of Geoquest-Kultur.

Geoquest-Kultur: Erbse with his climbing satire show.

The Kletterthalia houses the following facilities:

The boulderhalle gym.

Geoquest storage room and museum.

Geoquest museum.

Geoquest museum.