Betamonkeys Bouldercomic - the evolution of falling

From "Gods own climbing country" reached us the first comic book just around new year. Opening the book one thing is clear from the beginning: this is british humor as it supposed to be: dry as the desert, enigmatic as a financial consultant and black as a cat by night.

Ed O'Grady indeed starts with the first animals ever dare to change from sea to land - of course with the help of a mantle. But instantly he destroys step by step this picture with the boulderer as the climax of evolution as he goes on with that kind of "intelligent" dialogs that you can hear every day on the crag. At the latest when you see the wonderful drawing of the amount of boulderers that you need to change a lightbulb then you know what it is all about.

But hold on - not only boulderers are the matter. The book describes as well the weaknesses of sport climbers, ice climbers, route setters and (the natural antagonists of the boulderer) trad climbers.

56 nicely drawn pages lead us through the world of bouldering. Some Betamonkey-special products may be the highlights of the book. For example the Ape-Maker 2000 that enhances your reach ( a little bit brutal, of course).

My favourite is the beta moth at page 22! Whats that? It is someone who stands beside a problem that he has already climbed and offers beta no one asked for. Fortunately O'Grady gives an advice how tho deal with it: a rolled up newspaper can help.

The comic book of Ed O'Grady is available on this Website.

Have fun with it!