Adam Ondra visiting our climbing area!

On his way to Leipzig Adam Ondra made a stopover at Löbejün, our local crag and I got the honour to show him around.  

Welcome at our climbing spot Aktienbruch! 
Adam gets the guidebook Kletterführer Rotgelbes Felsenland 
to find the best routes.

I meet Adam at the highway exit Löbejün and find him beeing a sympathic climber just like me and you, although he climbs a"little bit" harder. With him comes along Simone Banal, a very nice guy from Italy, who toures around to make his home area around Arco better known here in central Germany. His first sentence at the meeting shows that he has some british humor: "You have nice mountains here" (the area is flat as a table).

Simone Banal in Terra Nova Xc (7c+/8a).

Walking down into the former quarry both of them are impressed by the walls around and so it doesnt takes much time to test the hardest lines.

Terra Nova Xc (7c+/8a).

After onsighting one of the hardest classics (Terra Nova 7c+/8a) he turns his attention to a project nobody could climb so far: Zenith.

Zenith XIIc (9a/9a+)?

It is incredible to see how he puts his feet close to the hands and push his body upwards.

Adam checking Zenith.

After a while he has checked all the moves, only one of them still resisting. After asking he say this could be around 9a+ and it is the hardest route in this stile he has ever tried.

Since time is limited he turns his attention to the currently hardest route of Löbejün with the name Novum (XIb/10) which was made by Dirk Uhlig. He almost can flash it just falling off right after the crux.

Novum XIa/b (8a+/b).

Time goes by and it is time for Adam and Simone to do their duties in Leipzig and so we hope to see him soon again to finish this route which will be the hardest of the area by far.

Tino Kluge, first ascentionist of the Wing Commander Xc (7c+/8a), 
which shares the first bolts with the Zenith project 
and drawer of the topos of the guidebook Kletterführers Rotgelben Felsenlandes, 
talkes with Adam about the hardest sequences of the project.