Face of Iran - Climbing-Travel-Guide

Modern climbing meets ancient historical monuments! Persia is a stunning country with many rock climbing crags and lots of historical monuments to visit.

Face of Iran – Climbing and Travel Guide

Christiane Hupe, Gerald Krug, Kristina Friedrichs, Nasrin Nikbaksh, Halle 2017
English/German / Farsi
ISBN 978-3-00-056067-5
landscape format,
208 pages, 29,90 € + Shipping

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The book contains everything for a journey through the whole country:

  • description of climbing and bouldering areas
  • description of Damavand (5671 m) - mountain tour with map and all informations
  • topos and maps
  • sightseeing for restdays
  • little dictionary
  • visa-, travel- and equipment informations
  • how to behave chapter

The middle east is a region of both - political unrest and ancient history. In Iran the political power lies in the hands of the religious leaders. This is not that kind of democracy which we know from the west and local people have to bear many restrictions.
Nevertheless for travelling the country is very safe. The hospitality of its people is legandary. Again and again people ask you suddenly on the street if you would not like to be their guests. Woman travelling alone can do so without concerns. Iran is not only worth to be visited because of its climbing areas but first of all because its wounderful people.

Spontane Einladung zum Essen am Wandfuß

The book describes sport climbing areas in the vicinity of the big cities of the country. That makes the combination of climbing and cultural trip so easy. The well maintained bus network and the cheap taxis make travelling fast and convenient.

The sport developes fast - people are setting up new routes everywhere. There are climbing gyms in all major cities. Most of the routes are well equipped and so you basically need 10 draws and may start climbing!

Detailed descriptions, maps and additional GPS data make it easy to find the areas.

Tuff climbing with pockets in Baraghan.

Approach fotos help to find the crags.

For the rest days there are plenty of historical sights from thousends of years of magical history.

Architectural higlights are to be found in all cities.

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A cool ascent of Albert Roof high above Tehran (the route is bolted but is climbed in trad style anyway ).

Film about the Roctrip in Chalabeh (near Kermanshah)

Film about the Band E Yakchal area of Teheran (which is described in detail in our book)

Film describing a Damavand ascent, the highest vulcano in Asia. Tour and logistics are described in our book.

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