Riveufer - die Dritte

In our home city of Halle we are currently working to finish the 3rd sector of the new local crag Riveufer.

Benjamin Gerono in Bypass VIIIc.

It is the last one of three sectors.

In the climbing guide book  "Rotgelb" 
one will find the exact location of it.

It is a lot of work due to the intense cleaning effort we have to invest. Cleaning rocks, bolting and gluing takes a lot of time, sometimes 4 days per route. But since it is in the heart of the city and we do have a beautiful climbing spot on the shore of the river it is worth all the effort. We can climb, swim an have fun here.

Martin Meilick in the lower Part of the route Geoquest IXc.

Still some loose rock remains, so please wear a helmet when visiting!

More informations: here!