Boulder Guide Bahratal

For quite a long time bouldering in Bahratal was a secret thing. Now there is a really good guide of the main developers of the area:

DIN-A 5 landscape format, full colours, 288 pages, German/English
2nd edition 2017, 25,00 €

Authors: Micha and Sven Scholz

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The Bahratal is a place once used for millstone quarrying since the sandstone here is very solid and of good quality. Nowadays the bouldering folks enjoy these great rock for climbing.

The book contains a overview map indicating the areas, more maps showing the details and of course descriptions of the approaches. Its full coloured with foto topos of the single boulders and walls as well as lines of the problems and parcours. Fontainebleau scale is used.

Acurate maps are included.

All problems are drawn into foto topos.

More picturesof the climbs: here!

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