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Boulder Guide Bahratal

For quite a long time bouldering in Bahratal was a secret thing. Now there is a really good guide of the main developers of the area:

DIN-A 5 landscape format, full colours, 288 pages, German/English
2nd edition 2017, 25,00 €

Klettern ist Sächsy!

The new Elbsandstein story book Klettern ist sächsy (in german) is out now!  Order here!

15 stories about the crazy climbing activities on both sides of river Elbe.

Audio book ‚Die spinnen die Sachsen‘

The time has come - Peter Brunnert, who is famous in Germany for his readings and cult books published an audio book. Now Peter reads in your car or at home as well – what a nice thought.

They're crazy, the Saxons!

From those who use those weird knotted slings and hopefully survive

by cult author Peter Brunnert

Topo Guidebook Elbsandstein - Bielatal

Topoführer Bielatal

Topo Guidebook Bielatal

The definitve guide for the most visited climbing area in the Elbsandstein - and the only one with topos!

Jürgen Schmeißer, Elbsandstein Part 3
DIN A6, 640 pages, 87 topos, 220 sketch maps, coluored maps, climbing pictures, best-of-list, top-list,   In german -  you can find everything without speaking german thanks to the maps and drawings. To understand the route details you should lern some german climbing phrases (usefull in the area anyway).
Price: 25,00 € + Shipping

Order by typing your address and the amount of books here!

Endlich ist es da:


Die spinnen, die Sachsen! 

Von Schlingenlegern und Rissfräsen

von Kultautor Peter Brunnert

"Die spinnen, die Sachsen!"
von Peter Brunnert

20 ungewöhnliche Klettergeschichten aus dem Sandsteinland.
Geoquest-Verlag Halle, 2010, ISBN 978-3-00-030606-8,DIN – A 5 Querformat,

Preis: 22,00 €

290 Seiten, Hardcover, durchgehend farbig, viele Fotos, detailierte Gebietsinformationen zum Elbsandstein, wunderbare Comics, Sandsteinglossar: Ein Muss für den Sandsteinfan!

Bestellung hier im Shop! 

Endlich ein Kletterbuch, das auch Nichtkletterer mit großem Vergnügen lesen werden. Also ein wunderbares Geschenk, das als Hardcover auch optisch sehr gut rüberkommt..

Kinderkopf und Affenfaust – The book of climbing knots

Kinderkopf und Affenfaust - Kletterlehrbuch

Kinderkopf und Affenfaust – The book of climbing knots

Gerald Krug, Halle 2017 new edition
ISBN 978-3-00-0149528
german, many pictures, full colour
sales price: 25,00 €
+ 2,5 € shipping, (5,50 € outside Germany)

Order by typing your address and the amount of books here!

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