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Climbing and Bouldering Guide East Saxony


Sport climbing and bouldering guide East Saxony

Jürgen Schmeißer
DIN A6, 496 pages, hardcover, laminated, 1635 climbing routes, boulder areas, entirely coloured,
Price: 25 € + 2,00 € shipping

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Sicily Rock - Climbing Guidebook San Vito Lo Capo





Sicilia - sport climbing

San Vito lo Capo • Castelluzzo • Custonaci

Monte Monaco • Pizzo Monaco • Cattedrale nel Deserto • Scogliera di Salinella • Macari - Torre Radio Nord • Crown of Aragon • Cinema Paradiso • Castelluzzo / Scurati


In the last months the area San Vito lo Capo in the north-west of Sicily acquired a reputation to be one of the best European climbing destinations for the cooler season. Many routes can be reached on foot from the camping and Monte Monaco even offers some multi-pitch climbs up to a length of 400 m.

Karsten Oelze / Harald Röker  Gebroverlag 2011
englisch, deutsch, italiano
160 Pages
ISBN 978-3-938680-15-5
full colour

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Topo Guidebook Elbsandstein - Bielatal

Topoführer Bielatal

Topo Guidebook Bielatal

The definitve guide for the most visited climbing area in the Elbsandstein - and the only one with topos!

Jürgen Schmeißer, Elbsandstein Part 3
DIN A6, 640 pages, 87 topos, 220 sketch maps, coluored maps, climbing pictures, best-of-list, top-list,   In german -  you can find everything without speaking german thanks to the maps and drawings. To understand the route details you should lern some german climbing phrases (usefull in the area anyway).
Price: 25,00 € + Shipping

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Paule's Climbing Guidebook Belogradtschik

Paules Kletterbibel Belogradtschik

Paules Kletterbibel Belogradtschik

ISBN 978-3-9806473-4-2
150 pages, 19x13cm, colour

Price: 21,90 € +  Shipping

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The new edition is out! with more then 150 pages has it double as much content then the one before. A lot of new routes are included and if  you like rock towers and a little bit of adventure you should not miss this interesting area of Bulgaria. Touristis come from all over the world to see the famous castle but if you own a rope and some gear then bring it!

Enjoy rural life and food in the southeast of Europe and relax in the silence of the nature there!

Escalade au Sahara – Climbing Guidebook Sahara

Escalade au Sahara - Kletterführer Sahara

Escalade au Sahara – Climbing Guidebook Sahara

Thomas Dulac, 2005
216 Pages, colours, high quality
sales price: 39,00 € (+ shipping within Europe)
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Dickes B – Climbing Guidebook Berlin - Brandenburg

Dickes B - Kletterführer Berlin – Brandenburg

Dickes B – Climbing Guidebook Berlin - Brandenburg

Gerald Krug, Halle 2013
ISBN 978-3-00-016977-9
sales price: 24 € (+ shipping within Europe)
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Schwarze Säulen – Climbing Guidebook Mayen (near Cologne)

Schwarze Säulen – Kletterführer Mayen

Schwarze Säulen

Climbing Guidebook Mayen

Alexander Schmalz-Friedberger, Halle 2013
ISBN 978-300-018186-3
german / english
sales price: 26,00 €
(+ 6,-€ shipping within Europe)

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Rotgelbes Felsenland – Climbing Guide Central Germany

Rotgelbes Felsenland - Kletter- und Boulderführer Mitteldeutschland

Rotgelbes Felsenland – Climbing and Bouldering Guidebook Central Germany

Gerald Krug, Halle, 2014
ISBN 978-3-00-023134-6
DIN – A5 square format, full coloured, 320 Pages
Price: 27,-€
+ 2,50 € shipping (6 € outside Germany)

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