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Bouldering Guidebook Hampi

Book is ready now: look here!!!

Geoquest is proud to be asked by the developers to make a guidebook of this largest bouldering area of the world.

New Climbing guidebook Romania

Out now: new climbing guidebook Romania!

Paule's Climbing Guidebook Belogradtschik

Paules Kletterbibel Belogradtschik

Paules Kletterbibel Belogradtschik

ISBN 978-3-9806473-4-2
150 pages, 19x13cm, colour

Price: 21,90 € +  Shipping

Order by typing your address and the amount of books here!

The new edition is out! with more then 150 pages has it double as much content then the one before. A lot of new routes are included and if  you like rock towers and a little bit of adventure you should not miss this interesting area of Bulgaria. Touristis come from all over the world to see the famous castle but if you own a rope and some gear then bring it!

Enjoy rural life and food in the southeast of Europe and relax in the silence of the nature there!

Montenegro 2008

Rrrring. Rrrring. Hi there?

As Ralf calls me I get curious very fast. Montenegro ? As a geographer I know where it is but this is already all of my knowledge. But wait, wasn't it that country with the german D-Mark as the official currency and all those young guys smuggling cigarettes? There is no way out, I have to contact Wikipedia.

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