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L.E. Monkeys - a blocbuster movie by Uwe Schneider

A new DVD at Geoquest!

The big city monkeys are going. And we can meet them anywhere: in the park, at the bridge, at the monument, and even at the high-rise!


Land der Sonne, Land der Felsen – DVD


Land der Sonne, Land der Felsen – DVD

Frank Schorisch, 2007
1st place at the Festival of Mountain Movies Böhlitz 2007
DVD 40 min
Price: 12,00 € + Shipping
Order by typing your address and the amount of DVDs here!

It is in german but if you see the pictures you will understand it without words.



DVD L.E. Monkeys

Bouldering in the heart of the City!

Central germany is not only known for its wide range of quarry climbing. also in the center of the cities Halle and Leipzig amazing structures are to be found, which guarantee many days of bouldering which is so totally different from anything you know. The necessary moves are like those out in the nature. But the experience is totally different. But check it out on your own! See the DVD and go for these demanding buildering!

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