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New story of Erhard Klingner!

The new story of our Elder Statesman,  Erhard Klingner (in german):

Learning to Fly (Or: An Engander's expierience in Saxon Switzerland)

Trust is crucial, we have to trust our judgement, our gear, our belayer, the rock, but most importantly we have to trust ourselves when we put our lives against forces we cannot control.

I wasn’t going to die – I hadn’t seen my life flash in front of my eyes, to be fair there wasn’t enough time, but I wasn’t exactly enjoying plummeting upside down on what seemed like the front seat of a roller-coaster with two microwave sized blocks keeping me company on my all to fast descent.

Kletterstorys - Die interaktive Schmökerecke von Geoquest

This is an interactive place from climbers for climbers where everybody can post his own story. Send your story to e-mail: and we put it on the page. Have fun writing and reading!

Cold, Wet, Shivering and 24 Stella’s for £6

Many of my friends have decided that I am mad, as they cannot see the attraction of risking life and limb just to climb a mountain. So there I was sat in a bivi dug on a small ledge at 4500meters on Mount Maudit with powdersnow avalanches raining down on me, shivering and asking myself serious questions of my own sanity and why on earth I was there.

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