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New climbing tower in Sangerhausen

A new climbing structure has opened: The Mammutfelsen of Sangerhausen!

The tower has a height of  18 meters.

Many climbers and local people came to the opening.

The rock is full of opportunities for easy and midgrade climbers..

New world class problem!

Thomas Hocke has made the first ascent of Dave Graham Fb 8b at Hülloch. Read more about it (in German) at: http://felsensucht.blogspot.de

Foto:  Markus Ixmeier

This and other problems are also to be found at BlocReich - Boulderführer Thüringen.

Kletterthalia Opening!

Dear Friends,
We have done it! Saxon-Anhalts’ first bouldering gym – ‘Kletterthalia’ – has opened its doors at Number 3, Thaliapassage. 

Per Anhalter nach Nepal

Gregor Majewski, has travelled 250.000 Kilometer through 77 countries. This is the report of his last trip to Nepal.

 5.11.2013 19:30 Uhr
 Thaliagewölbe, Thaliapassage 1

The year 2011 in retrospective

See this report at Free-solo.de! (in german)

The new boulder video of central germany

Geoquest proudly presents:

There is no place like home!
the first professional bouldering video is out now.

Vision "Kletterthalia" becomes reality

The vision of the "Kletterthalia" project becomes reality! The first steps are done to create a modern climbers meeting point in the center of the ancient town of Halle.

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