New Climbs

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New routes in the heights of northern England

Gazing across this sceptred isle it is easy to be inspired by the fantastic and varied climbing that can be found. Climbing guides document every route, eliminate, boulder problem and highball on offer, often in incredible detail with colour topos. Sadly one can also get the impression that every last centimetre of this land has already been climbed. Fortunately, this is not quite true, as a spectacular discovery shows.  

New Climbing Crag in Northumberland!

A new climbing crag is born.  It is situated in Northumberland and was discovered by Simon Litchfield and Friends.

On this page you can download a free copy of the Lower Tosson guidebook.
Lower Tosson Guide Edition 2015 (Click to download or right click and “save target”)

See more about secret spots of Northumberland on this link!

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