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Comics of Geoquest an beyound

Mara Herzog (Geoquest), to be found in the climbing guidebook of Berlin/Brandenburg "Dickes B" (english and german)

Comic of Erbse

Epeditions and Travelogues

When the book's done we start our next adventure to explore new areas, create new routes and meet different people and cultures.

Geoquest Catalogue

This is the catalogue of our books. click and see the content!

We are also happy to send a paper version of it.

Bornholm grows!

Of course Bornholm is not rising up in terms of height, even if some climbers would wish that to do multipitch routes.

At Vang on the west coast (Arne Ohlsen in Roede Kartofler skand. 6, = UIAA 7)

Geoquest Inside

See the short movie about Geoquest edition based in Halle (Germany) and how it is to live among tons of books :-) Klick on the picture to start:

See also the other two short flicks about Geoquest:

Rotgelbes Felsenland - the making of

Geoquest in 91 Seconds


See Geoquest publishing house ina short flick of 91 seconds:

Here it is !

Bergsichten - climbing and mountaineering event in Dresden 2014

The climbing festival  "Bergsichten"  takes place in Dresden on November, the 14th through 16th.

The festival is packed with movies and slideshows showing all aspects of mountaineering and climbing worldwide.

Special focus is on the breathtaking sandstone area Elbsandstein near Dresden.

DMM Kletterfestival auf Bornholm

Anfang Juni veranstaltet die Waliser “Hardware-Schmiede” DMM auf Bornholm ein informelles Treffen um neue Kletterziele auf der Insel zu erschließen. Auf der Insel gibt es noch ein großes Potenzial an Erstbegehungsmöglichkeiten in allen Schwierigkeitsgraden. Vor Ort sind sowohl die DMM-Athleten, als auch ganz normale Leute. Das heißt, auch DU bist eingeladen.


Here in our small Catalogue you can see a complex overview about our books and products. Just scroll over and click!

Book presentation

Land der Sonne, Land der Felsen

Book presentation

Books skillfully presented with the attractive Geoquest-book stand!
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